Fasoo Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the most advanced and robust file-based security solution, that allows organizations to protect, control and trace sensitive documents which contain intellectual property, trade secrets and personally identifiable information. With the solution, organizations can safely share confidential documents internally and externally, providing their business with a secure environment without any concern about unintended information loss.

Secure Your Data Anywhere it Travels

Track, Control, or Revoke Access

Seamless, Transparent Experience

Protect files beyond the boundary of content repositories

Files and documents might be secure in your repository, but what happens when information leaves? Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are widely used to store and share data and documents. The security measures in these systems do not protect files outside of the repository. Once someone downloads files, all ECM-provided security is removed.

Organizations realize that investments in network security cannot prevent leaking of sensitive information by insiders, since they already have authorized access to that information.

Fasoo DRM persistently protects documents downloaded from information systems

Fasoo ensures your documents remain secure no matter where they go after you download them. You are protected whether you use Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet or any ECM, EDM, ERP or groupware system.

Fasoo integration with Microsoft SharePoint and IBM ECM is seamless and will provide the security you need when files containing sensitive information are downloaded from SharePoint or IBM ECM.

Secure files created and used on endpoints

Are you concerned about your files getting into the wrong hands? With conventional data security approaches, organizations may ensure documents are protected against external attacks but cannot when it comes to protecting them against insider threats.

To protect documents against any malicious or careless users, documents must be protected and traced throughout the entire lifecycle, and the centralized security policy must travel with the documents wherever they go, whether they are at rest, in use or in motion.

Fasoo DRM lets you secure sensitive files saved on your PC

Even if files are lost or get into the wrong hands, unauthorized access is prevented and sensitive information is not exposed. Since files are automatically secured as they are saved, you can be assured that no one can access files leaked through any unauthorized disclosure to people inside or outside your organization.

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Share your files with external users

Business relationships require cooperation through partnerships, outsourcing, and collaboration with many different organizations. Sensitive files are shared outside of the company through email, cloud-based sharing services, FTP, and other portable media. The threat of unwanted information disclosure is real and the potential impact is devastating. The need for security measures for files shared with outside parties has become critical to an organization’s security plan.

Fasoo DRM lets you share your sensitive files securely through email, FTP, USB flash drives, the cloud and more

When a file is shared externally, Fasoo DRM ensures a secure exchange of information, which guarantees that files are shared with only the intended recipients. The sender can decide who can access sensitive files and what permissions they have for using them, such as View, Edit or Print. Persistent security remains in place and provides the sender with assurance that these files are secure.

Even when files are unintentionally sent to the wrong parties, a sender can revoke future access to them. All actions are logged for future analysis providing peace of mind.


Prevent and Deter Security Breaches Through Your Screen

Screen capture tools and the proliferation of high-quality digital cameras and smartphones make it easy for anyone to capture sensitive information displayed on a computer screen. With nothing preventing it, the likelihood of a major data breach from capturing this information on the screen is increasing. Some companies limit the possession of these devices or use different items to ensure that the camera lens are blocked, but it makes life inconvenient for employees.

Enforcing dynamic and visible watermark on screen while the protected document is in use.

Fasoo Secure Screen protects sensitive information displayed on your screen

To protect sensitive information displayed on screens being grabbed by screen capturing tools, hot keys and/or remote desktop/virtual desktop infrastructure applications, application-specific or document-specific screen capture control must be enforced.

Fasoo Secure Screen blocks efforts to capture what is on the screen and provides specific information through a watermark that shows the screen’s location. Both of these security measures help to secure your screen from unwanted exposure to competitors and other unauthorized people.


Reinforce Print Security and Help Reduce Costs

When printing your files, Fasoo ePrint allows you reinforce print security and detect personal information in a document and through pull printing, block printing based on a predefined policy.

The average employee prints about
Pages per year

17% of them were printed unintentionally.

This not only leads to high printing costs but also to data breaches from printing sensitive information.

Fasoo enforces dynamic and visible watermark not only on both paper and virtual printouts.

Fasoo ePrint provides you with a safe and efficient printing environment

With protective measures and cost cutting capabilities, Fasoo ePrint provides an effective yet secure print management solution. If Fasoo ePrint detects sensitive information in a document, a predefined policy can block printing. It controls and traces printed documents on your existing MFPs, so you can continue to use your current output devices.

When used with Fasoo Enterprise DRM solutions, it extends the security area and provides stronger protection for personal information maintained within companies.


Secure Your Data, Not the Device

When using personal devices for work, Fasoo Mobile Solution secures the data itself and controls access to your server for complete BYOD security.

Fasoo Mobile Solution extends secure file access to allow people to communicate and collaborate through smartphones and tablets. It provides businesses with the ability to persistently secure, control and trace sensitive files on mobile devices.

It is the only solution to provide MDAM, which delivers protection for stored mobile and network data, server access control, mobile screen protection and secure sharing of files.

FMS allows you to prevent data breaches while working on your mobile device by encrypting files downloaded from the web, email system or corporate information systems (ECM, EDM and groupware) to mobile devices. In addition, this solution provides network traffic protection between a system and mobile device along with system access control. Not only can this solution deny data access based on GPS coordinates, but also applies a dynamic screen watermark on secured files viewed on your mobile device along with being able to block screen capture tools. Just like other Fasoo solutions, tracing and managing user activities can be viewed in real-time.