Unstructured Data Security

Of data created today is unstructured content stored in documents.

Unstructured Data Challenges

  • Tightened Regulations

  • Protection of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

  • Security in Cloud, Mobile, and Social Computing

  • Threats by Insiders and Authorized Users

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Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED): a persistent data security solution for protecting, controlling and tracing data throughout the enterprise – including data at rest, data in use, and data in motion – according to predefined policies based on user, group or role, or dynamically binding existing access control lists of information systems to enable file-level permissions at all times.

Protect, Control, and Trace

eData Manager: a data governance solution for discovering and classifying the constantly changing set of unstructured data based on its association with people and other characteristics, showing the data’s security vulnerability and dynamically applying security policies on a continuous basis.

Discover and Classify

RiskView: a risk assessment solution for monitoring and analyzing users and their activities in using both protected and unprotected files, determining normal levels of activity, and using sophisticated data analysis techniques to discover deviations that may indicate security risks.

Analyze and Act

Fasoo Data Security Framework